Ciencia Ancestral (MAMBISA Plant Bass​-​ed Remix)

by Iemanjo



Here's a super-danceable remix via Philadelphia-based MAMBISA - her take on Iemanjo’s “Ciencia Ancestral,” the exciting opening track to his debut release, Medicina.

The inspiration behind the "Ciencia Ancestral" remix is best told in MAMBISA’s own words: When Iemanjo's album came out, I listened to it three times in a row and couldn't stop grinning. I felt like I knew the words already because they're so heartfelt, direct, exuberant, primal - pura medicina. I wanted to evoke the deep wilds of the jungle where this medicine tradition originated, and the light and shadow, the highs and lows of that ritual journey, paralleling and reflecting our journey in life. And I also wanted to add some jittery kicks and resonant bass while letting the original acoustic instrumentation shine."

“Jittery kicks and resonant bass.” Definitely. And a whole lot of exuberance too. Don't go another minute without hearing "Ciencia Ancestral (MAMBISA Plant Bass-ed Remix)."


released January 27, 2016
Original song by Iemanjo, from the album Medicina

Remix: Mambisa
Mixing: Mambisa and Srikalogy
Mastering: Mike Polarny

Cover birds "remix" by LA DeFalco

Released by Black Swan Sounds


all rights reserved