Olorum 05:55
Nefes 05:57


An intentional collaboration between revered global artisans, Earth Keepers unveils three devotional pieces among three inspired architects. A document conceptualized, developed and ultimately manifested over a four year sojourn, many moons and long miles in the making, the Earth Keepers EP evolved from nascent conversations between Brazillian musician Poranguí and Sahuna Love (of Shaman’s Dream) on the prescient need for improved loving stewardship of our sacred Earth Mother. Along with crucial contributions from Eric Zang - a flute and percussion master- this music seeks to inspire individuals to cultivate their own bodily temples in accordance with the purity of Mother Gaia. Guided by principles of reciprocity and complementarity - with an understanding that we are all vessels comprised of Earth elements, let us dance and sing in body and breath, moving gracefully through life, and make the righteous choices to bestow our beloved planet with her appropriate honor and respect. Earth Keepers channels mystery and the mystic with a fluid and hypnotic pace, sensitive prayers thick with natural bass tones and singing ethereal, archaic melodies far older than we could ever know. The musicians subtly incorporate modern electronic production flourishes to the mostly-organic canvases, spinning tales rich in buoyant traditional percussion and vibrant live instrumentation. A gift to Sahuna from an old growth cedar tree under a full moon, “Cedar Moon” invokes an irreplicable healing energy that flows when spirit works through us, a drummer trusting in the moment and improvising from a place of deep listening. Hang drum, Ngoni, Kaval flute, each deftly blended with dynamic digital soundscapes courtesy of NorCal-based producer Geometrae.

Stretched skins sing to the stars as fingers and palms dig into drums, ”Nefes” reveals the hollow flute as wise and patient narrator, impassioned melodies speaking in tongues familiar. A breath which animates all life, a wind that whisks across desert horizons, a diaphanous sound at once ancient and nomadic. “Olorum” gently invokes the divine presence of the Creator; it brings blessings of Supreme Being in the Yoruba spiritual traditions. A patient serenade of primordial creativity from which vast mountains of infinite possibilities emerge. “Olorum” ebbs and flows, a precious offering to the Ruler of the Heavens, so we may better steward the intricate web of life.

On the collaborative EP Earth Keepers, Poranguí, Shaman’s Dream, and Eric Zang time-travel across the continents, transmitting transcultural rhythms and gossamer hymns. The songs maintain an integral balance of reverence for the musical and spiritual traditions of the cultures from which they draw inspiration, and the haunting elegance of their own expressions, a record brimming with depth, inner resonance, and mysticism.


released July 23, 2021

Artwork - Adrián, El Tripador
Engineering & Mastering by Eric Zang
Listen everywhere: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/shamansdreamporanguericzang/earth-keepers


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