Suns of the Earth are singing the song of our times and within their music lives the mythos of a global transformational movement. They bring a powerful & evocative new sound with a unique blend of genres highlighted by rootsy earth vibes, heart opening lyrics, catchy hooks, and epic choruses that are powerful and uplifting to sing along with. Their message of universal harmony and uplifting humanity beckons listeners to return to the heart & take action in the world from a space of inspired love. Suns of the Earth bring a passion for empowered community, taking audiences on a powerful journey in an exchange where there is no separation between performer and audience. Everyone is in the band and the circle is ever growing. Let's sing together!


from The Black Swan Theory Vol. 2 (Selected by Joel Davis), released October 9, 2015

Instagram: @sunsoftheearth
Soundcloud: /sunsoftheearth
Twitter: @sunsoftheearth
Facebook: /sunsoftheearth


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